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 Healthy Fresh Foods for Pet Birds

Healthy Fresh Foods for Pet Birds
pet birds love "people" food

Fresh foods include raw and cooked vegetables, fruits, nuts, healthy table food, and "soak and cook" foods.  Some healthy table foods include cooked rice, pasta, lean chicken and cereal (without milk).  Below is an alphabetical list of some fresh foods that can be fed to birds.

Ideally, the best time to expose a bird to new foods is when it is young so it becomes a lifetime diet.  Some birds are reluctant to try new foods when first introduced.  This is thought to be a survival mechanism to protect birds in the wild from being poisoned from eating unfamiliar foods.  To introduce new foods to your bird don't give up if your bird doesn't accept it right away.  Your bird may need to see the new food for a period of days or weeks.  A few suggestions for introducing new foods are:  (1) Let your bird watch you eat the food and then offer some of it to him.  (2)  Skewer the new food on a fruit kabob and hang it where he can access it easily. (3)  Place the new food near his favorite or highest perch.

When feeding fresh foods you should feed proportionately more vegetables than fruit due to the high water and sugar content of fruits.

Fruits and vegetables should be washed thoroughly to remove any residual insecticide contaminants. Wash these foods better for birds than for human consumption since birds are very sensitive to any insecticide sprays that may have been used.  Using a ecologically safe fruit and vegetable washing product is recommended.

We have designated some of the above foods that have Vitamin A ( * ), Vitamin C (**) and Calcium (***) content .  However, there are a few foods listed that we have not provided this information.  Please do your own research if this additional information is required.

Healthy Food (A through G) 
Apples (remove seeds) 
Apricot (remove pit) - *
Arugula Lettuce - ***
Almonds - ***
Basil - ***
Beans (Green)
Beet Greens - * / ** / ***
Bell Pepper, Sweet  (red, yellow, green) - **
Black Beans - ***
Bok Choy
Brazil Nuts - ***
Broccoli Leaves, Florets and Stems - * / **
Brussel Sprouts - *** / **
Cabbage (Green and Red) - * / ** / ***
Cantaloupe - **
Carrot - *
Cauliflower - **
Chard - *
Cherries (Acerola, Pitanga) (remove pit) - **
Chicory Greens - ***
Chili Peppers (dried)
Chinese Cabbage - ***
Chinese Celery - **
Collard Greens - * / ***
Corn (raw)
Dandelion Greens - * / ** / ***
Endive - *
Garbanzo Beans - ***
Garden Cress - ** / ***
Grapefruit - **
Guava - **
... More Healthy Food (H through Z) 
Hazelnuts - ***
Kale - * / **/ ***
Kohlrabi - **
Kiwi - **
Kumquat - ** / ***
Leaf Lettuce (dark green) - *
Macadamia Nuts
Mango (remove seed) - **
Mustard Greens - * / ** / ***
Okra - ***
Orange - ** / ***
Papaya - **
Parsley - * / ** / ***
Peaches (remove pit) - *
Peas (fresh, in pod) - * / **
Persimmon - **
Pinto Beans - ***
Pistachio Nuts (unsalted) - ***
Pumpkin - *
Raspberries - **
Spinach - *
Squash (Hubbard) - * / **
Squash (Summer) - * / **
Strawberries - **
Sweet Potato - * / **
Swiss Chard - ** / ***
Tangerine - **
Tomatoes - *
Turnip Greens - * / ** / ***
Walnuts - ***
Watercress - */ ** / ***
( * )   Foods high in Vitamin A (an important vitamin for avian health)
( ** )  Foods high in Vitamin C
( ***)  Foods high in Calcium (Some bird such as African Greys need larger amounts of Calcium and many develop seizures, rickets and other problems if it is insufficient.  Consult an avian veterinarian regarding the additional need of this nutrient for your bird).
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