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 Bird Perches | Wingdow Seats

Perches For Your Parrot
Natural and Sandblasted Manzanita Perches

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Unlike our dogs and cats that spend some of their time lying down ... our pet birds spend all of the time on their feet.  It's essential to provide them with safe, secure and comfortable places to perch. 

Good bird perches not only provide comfort, but they're also important for good foot health and some are designed to help keep your bird's nails from growing too long (Sandy Perches).  Birds can suffer problems like arthritis and atrophy, and even develop minor foot sores from being forced to stand on improperly-sized perches.  Bumble-foot is sometimes caused by having to stand on a sandpaper covered perch.  To promote good health and prevent foot abnormalities offer a variety of perches of varying dimensions and place them at different heights.  Birds sleep at the highest point in their cage, so place a comfortable perch of varying dimensions in that spot so your bird will have a comfortable place to spend the night.

Offer perches of varying diameters appropriate to the size of your bird.  To read more about perches go to About Bird Cages.  A parrot's feet should rest comfortably on the top half of the perch so it's nails can grasp securely.  When a bird can wrap its entire foot around a perch it is too small.  Perches with varying diameters allow the bird to choose where it is most comfortable.



  • Perch Diameter.  Offer perches of varying diameter for foot health.
  • Wood Perches.  Provide safe woods that are insect and pesticide free.
  • Select perches that are easy to clean.
  • Hardwood perches will last longer than soft woods like pine.  However, choose woods that do not have slick surfaces.
  • Select perches that will install easily and securely for safety.
  • Choose natural and man-made perches that offer a textured surface for better gripping, but that are not rough on the bird's feet.


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