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Friday, January 07 2011

8-foot diameter outdoor aviary with optional safety area  I opened my email box this morning to the best news!  It was from one of BirdCagePortal's favorite manufacturers.  These folks aren't only great people in general ... but happen to build beautiful, superior quality aviary environments to the online shopper.  These great habitats are available in a couple of styles ... that is, an indoor walk-in model and and an outdoor walk-in model.  And better yet, they come in a variety of powder-coat wire strengths and dimensions that provide a good choice that is suitable for just about any bird(s).  Not only are do the aviaries provide an excellent basic aviary choice for the discerning bird owner, but safety areas and rotating feeder stations are among the options to provide security for your bird and convenience for you.  Along with those benefits these aviaries come with a wide choice of roof colors combined with black powder-coated wire, so they will enhance any setting. 

Several months ago was given the opportunity to provide these environments at a lower cost.  That was such welcome news!  But now, with today's announcement, the manufacturer is now able to also provide these wonderful indoor/outddoor aviaries with FREE SHIPPING to any location in the continental USA.  Don't miss this great opportunity to house your bird in a larger environment ... either indoors or outdoors.  Even if your bird has an ideal indoor cage consider offering it an opportunity to enjoy the outdoor fresh air, sunshine, sights and sounds on those beautiful, warm days during the year. 

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