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Mango Pet Deluxe Traveler Stand
Perch Diameter
Bird Species
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MP1140 - Deluxe Traveler Stand - 15" wide x 14" deep

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The Deluxe Traveler Parrot Stand offers a convenient way to keep your parrot close and is IDEAL FOR:

  • Amazons 
  • Small Cockatoos
  • Mini-Macaws
  • African Greys
  • Eclectus 
  • Conures
  • Caiques
  • Other small to medium-sized birds 

SPECIFICATIONS:  Light weight wrought iron and natural wood parrot stand

Non-toxic and bird safe

Play Stand Colors  
Color samples for Traveler Parrot Stand

SIZE:  Base measures 15" wide x 14" deep x approximately 12" high
         Overall height to perch level is approximately 50"
         Pole height is approximately 38"
         Light Overall Weight - 20 lbs
         Lift-off Top weighs 7 lbs

NOTE:  When ordering please indicate the species of the bird who will use the stand so an appropriate diameter perch can be provided.

SHIPPING: Please see important shipping information below.                     

DESCRIPTION:  The Deluxe Traveler Stand is just like the Traveler with a lift-off top that easily converts to tabletop use.  But the Deluxe model also boasts some nice extras:  2 perches, 2 food bowls, a ladder and a toy holders, and a foraging tray. The Deluxe Traveler is an easy way to keep your bird close. Weight is 23 lbs.


  • High quality, sturdy construction
  • Easy to carry, easy to clean, easy to transport
  • Includes a lift-off top
  • Lift-off top includes tray
  • 2 Food Bowls
  • 2 Natural wood Perch
  • Quality powder-coated finish
  • Lifetime warranty on workmanship
  • 5 year warranty on powder-coated finish
  • Made in the USA

IMPORTANT - SHIPPING INFORMATIONThis product ships from the manufacturer who is located in California.  A shipping quote is required and you will be contacted by email with this information for your approval.  To obtain the shipping quote please contact us at prior to placing an order.  Please include your name, shipping address and product you wish to order in the email.  The quote will be obtained, and upon your approval, a Paypal invoice for the shipping cost will be emailed after you have placed your order.  Upon payment of the shipping cost your order will be processed and shipped.  Tracking info will be provided.

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