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Expert Companion Bird Care Series - Vol 1
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AS75516 - Avian Studios Expert Companion Bird Series - Vol. 1

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Avian Studios Expert Companion Bird Series Vol. 1 is the first volume in a comprehensive DVD series created by recognized avian veterinarians, teachers, aviculturists, enthusiasts and pet store owners.  Drs. Scott Echols (author of Captive Foraging) and Brian Speer (author of Birds for Dummies and The Large Macaws) work with world renown avian educators to bring you the best information on bird care.


  • 88-minute DVD packed full of information every bird owner should know!


  • How to Identify Commonly Kept Parrot Species - Jeleen Briscoe, VMD Dipl ABVP Avian
  • Housing and Caging Materials - Greg Burkett, DVM Dipl ABVP Avian
  • Basic Avian Nutrition - Susan Oros, DVM PhD Dipl ABVP Avian, Dipl ECZM Avian
  • Household Dangers and Toxins - Laura Wade DVM Dipl ABVP Avian
  • Identifying When Your Bird is Sick - Paul Gibbons DVM Dipl ABVP Avian
  • How to Select an Avian Veterinarian - Kemba Marshall DVM Dipl ABVP Avian

 "When it comes to providing the best for parrots in our homes, education is critical.  The Expert Companion Bird Care Series includes detailed information every parrot enthusaist should know.  If you are a parrot owner or animal industry professional seeking quality information from a trusted resource, backed by credentials be sure to pick up this series". -- Barbara Heidenreich, Professional Animal Trainer, Good Bird, Inc.

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