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 About Java Wood

Java Wood comes from coffee trees.  Note:  while coffee is harmful to birds, the wood from coffee trees is non-toxic and has been proven safe for birds. 

ln the past when coffee trees became non-productive after many years of producing coffee they were burned to remove them for new plantings.  Now the wood is being collected for use in several products, including natural wood perches and bird play gyms.  The first step in preparing the wood for use in perches and playstands is to select the best branches of the trees.  Coffee trees grow many horizontal branches and those are ideal choices.  Then they are painstakingly debarked, hand-sanded and dried to harden the wood.  By the end of the process the wood is very hard and smooth and durable.  They are also insect free, unlike some other woods used in playstands.  The varying diameter of Java Wood make it ideal for parrots  providing good foot exercise.  The beauty of Java Wood is an extra bonus.  Some of our Java Wood play gyms have hand carving on the base of the stand.  Beautiful Java Wood playstands will not only provide your parrot with a great environment they will also look beautiful in your home.


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