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 Snugglies and Tents - The Ultimate "Comfort" Pet Bird Buddy

Snugglies, Tents and Hideaways
... offer a "missing link" enjoyed by birds in the wild! 

What is the "missing link"?  It is a wild bird's ability to enjoy physical contact with their mates as they snuggle up to them when perching or sleeping.  Observing how our pet birds like to snuggle up or crawl into something soft and cuddly it is easy to see why snugglies, tents and hideaways are welcome additions to your birds cage ... especially by those birds that live alone.  These comfort toys help alleviate stress and provide a sense of security.

Prevue Snuggle Hut - Small

These "snuggly" accessories provide escape and may be appreciated by birds that feel insecure.  Many birds enjoy sleeping in them at night and play games in them during the day.  My Golden Conures, Duncan and Daisy, have had a hideaway box in their cage from the time I brought them home. 

Because snugglies and tents have come on the market since I acquired my Conures, I had to choose a wooden nestbox for them to perform the same function rather than one of these new comfort accessories.  Over the years Duncan and Daisy's box has become an important part of their lifestyle and I wouldn't dream of removing it.  Duncan even plays a game with his hideaway.  Because the hideaway hangs just an inch above the floor of their elevated cage, Duncan is able to run by the front door slamming it shut just before disappearing around the corner and jumping inside the box by the back door.  He stays in the box until I call his name.  Then with great glee he swings the front door open and jumps out.  I can almost hear the enthusiastic "whoopee" as he comes running to make sure I saw what he did.  I enthusiastically recommend getting one of comfortable and cozy tents, hideaways or snugglies and then watch what games your bird invents.  Mikey, my Lesser Jardine loves his Scooter Z's Tropical Tent.

As with any addition to your birds home monitor how your bird accepts and uses this type of accessory.  If threads or material become loose be sure to remove them to prevent your bird from becoming entangled.

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