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Vital Lamp Fixture
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LBK-40000-200 - Vital Lamp Fixture with Full-Spectrum Tru-Lite Bulb
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Tru-Lite by Duro-Test
created by Dr. John Ott, the father of full-spectrum light

Vital Lamp Fixture and Bulb is a great way to provide glare-free, full-spectrum lighting for your bird's cage or playstand environment.
Note: Generally speaking, birds receive maximum benefit from a full-spectrum light souce when placed overhead 12" to 24" above them for 8-10 hours daily.  When provided, please follow manufacturer's instructions regarding bulb burn-in time and proper placement.

SIZE:  27" long x 3" wide

Vital Lamp Fixture Uses

FEATURES:  Provides necessary ultraviolet full-spectrum light for birds ... also people, other pets, fish/aquariums and plants

  • Portable light fixture
  • Self-contained unit with bulb and cord
  • Includes replaceable energy-saving 20-watt full-spectrum bulb (equivalent to 100-watt incandescent light output); and is now a 10% brighter Tru Lite Fluorescent
  • 20,000-hour bulb ... means fewer replacements.  Recommended ideal bulb change out time-period for birds is every 6 months.  Bulb will still be effective for other uses.
  • Replacement bulbs available (see Options)
  • White color goes with any decor

Full-spectrum lighting is essential for birds kept indoors.  Here are some reasons why:

  • Regulates a bird's metabolic clock
  • Allows perception of seasons
  • Assists good health and a sense of well-being
  • Provides necessary vitamin support for bone and physical development

Vita-Lite is the most natural indoor fluorescent light which duplicates natural outdoor light most closely.  By simulating the full visable and ultraviolet spectrum of natural outdoor light, Vita-Lite promotes the growth of birds, as well as other animals including reptiles and fish, and plants.

Learn more about a bird's need for full-spectrum light.

Other uses and advantages of living with full-spectrum lighting:

  • Vita-Lite Floor Lamp is a multi-use product as it is ideal for home and office lighting, providing glare free natural light for people and plants, as well as birds and other pets.  It is an excellent light source for crafts, sewing or any visually demanding task enabling the ability to see colors and detail more accurately.
  • Most lighting in homes, schools, offices, factories, stores, is so bad that many health disorders can be traced to lack of natural lighting.  Natural sunlight and various forms of light therapy can help re-establish the body's natural circadian-rythm (the body's inner clock) which controls timing of sleep, hormone production, body temperature, and other biological functions.  Disturbances in this rythm can lead to health problems such as depression (SAD -Seasonal Affective Disorder) and sleep disorders.  Light therapy and the use of natural full- spectrum lighting such as Vita-Lite are becoming an integral treatment for many related health conditions.  It is recommended when using full-spectrum light products as therapy to seek the guidance of your health care profession.
  • Other uses include:  Vita-lite provides full-spectrum products to meet the needs for plant/horticulture lighting, aquarium lighting and reptile lighting.  Call (760) 723-8667 for product information related to these interests and other uses.
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